A Word from the Owners

A great deal of thought went into what we wanted to achieve with our design and décor… an expression of who we are and a home-from-home for our guests.

Our inspiration is the memories we have from our childhood, spent on our grandparents farm ‘Christiana’ in the Somerset East area of the Great Karoo – an area that is semi-arid and part of the Karoo. When we think back to our days there, we remember joyful days, filled with abundance.

It is this tradition of true South African hospitality that we seek to give to our guests by extending as far as we can the memories of our Karoo childhood through the architecture, the décor and our approach as hosts at Christiana Lodge.

We have sought to re-create the sense of space and light that one experiences in the semi-desert with particular features of the architecture: wide passageways, solid counter-tops, wider and taller than normal doors, high ceilings and of course – lots of windows to let in the light.

The Lodge has also been designed in such a way as to blur the distinction between interior and exterior in many areas, and is west facing to make the most of the spectacular sunsets and intense golden afternoon light that bathes Plettenberg Bay.

The spacious lounge and dining area extends to exterior covered decks overlooking the swimming pool, allowing the restful smell and sounds of nature to envelop the senses, while open deck areas and secluded nooks in the garden provide the perfect resting place from which to soak up the sun.

We have complemented this approach in the décor with colours that are reminiscent of the Karoo environment. Clean lines and minimalist, modern fittings are ‘broken’ with contrasting pieces – from aged cane chairs to an old chest, to unpainted porcelain light fittings and wrought-iron chandeliers.

The effect is a unique blend of modern, minimalist, contemporary African and old farm-house – with views over the ‘vlei’ (wetland), indigenous bush all round, and the sound and salt-smell of the ocean.